Low noise power supply


  • This PCB is a power supply board based on the ICs LT3045 and LT3094, that are low-noise voltage controller, i.e. low-noise alternatives to the commonly used 7815 and 7915 parts. Output voltages are set by a resistor, up to +15 and -19 V.


  • The output voltages can be set via a resistor.
  • The supply can be turned on or off via a switch, but you could also solder a TTL signal to it.


  • Noise performance has not been tested yet!


  • Schematic and PCB were drawn August 2021


  • Not implemented yet. Not tested yet.


Martin Quensen, quensen@iqo.uni-hannover.de


  • It's best to read the datasheet for the LT3045 to understand what was done here. The LT3094 is essentially the negative version of it, with no additional features.
  • The turning on/off function was implemented using a mechanical switch.
  • The current limiting function was implemented by a fixed SMD resistor.
  • Thermal stuff was considered by placing the parts close to an solid metal block that is supposed to be fixed to the casing.

Schematics and layout


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